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Every roof needs an annual inspection, especially in Kansas City where we have extreme summer heat, winter snow, hail, tornadoes and high winds. Yearly roof inspections not only protect your home or business from damage associated with roof leaks, but also the investment you put into your roof.

Don’t let just anyone walk on your roof. Inexperienced or unqualified people inspecting your roof can cause damage you didn’t have before. Cracking roofing shingles, loosening flashing causing leaks and more. The only people you should let on your roof are professionals like Redhammer Roof Group who practice safe roofing.

What our roofing inspectors are looking for…

  • Determine if your roof system is performing adequately
  • Identify signs of weakness, deterioration or hazards that could lead to further interior damage
  • Identify needed repairs, if any

What our roofing inspectors will do on your roof…

  • Check for any damage to the roof deck on the exterior and interior surfaces
  • Check across the roof system for any dips or irregularities, suitable fasteners, and the correct number of layers of roofing material
  • Inspect all flashing around pipes, air vents, power fans and other accessories
  • Inspect your attic for moisture, mold, mildew and adequate ventilation
  • Check your gutter system for adequate drainage and no damage
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