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Kansas City Commercial Roofing:
New Construction, Tear Offs and Re-Roofs

Commercial RoofingFrom flat roofs to eco-friendly roofing systems and everything in between

Getting the right commercial roof—from the roofing materials to roof maintenance and repair—takes working with a commercial roofer that knows a lot more than how to swing a hammer. Your commercial roofing project has to protect what you already or will have and deliver a return on your roofing investment.

In the Kansas City commercial roofing industry, Redhammer Roof Group is known for our brains. Not that our commercial roofers can’t knock out a commercial job as fast as any roofing company, we can. We just do it right from the start, which takes time and careful decision-making.

You’re an expert at your business, but probably not roofing. Our roofers bring choices and education to your commercial roofing job. Count on us to fill in the information gaps with the widest variety of commercial roofing and which roof systems will meet your expectations and requirements.

Full-service commercial roofing services

  • Commercial roof repair
  • Commercial roof replacement
  • Commercial roof maintenance
  • Liquid applied membranes and coatings
  • Insulation
  • Extended warranties

Commercial roofing products

  • Single –ply roofing
  • Modified bitumen
  • Built-up roofing
  • Cutting edge eco-friendly roofing

Make informed decisions, not educated guesses, with Redhammer Roof Group

When it comes to commercial roof repair or replacement, making educated guesses on roofing products and installation and maintenance services doesn’t cut it. They have to be informed decisions. Too much of your roofing investment is at stake. Our sales team are well informed, our commercial roofers are certified through manufacturer sponsored training programs, and even our founder cut his teeth on roofing shingles so to speak, growing up in the roofing industry.

From the bottom to the top, Redhammer Roof Groups’ staff has the experience to make the right calls on any commercial roofing job site. Not decisions that just work on paper, but make sense in the field and are in your best interest.

Comprehensive commercial roofing maintenance agreements and extended warranties

When was the last time a contractor followed up with you right after a project was finished? And when was the last time a contractor followed up with you, months or even years, after your commercial work was complete? We will.

All commercial roofs need an annual inspection to check that the system is protecting your business and your initial roofing investment. This applies to all types of commercial roofing systems, but especially flat commercial roofs. A commercial roofing maintenance agreement is a little money well spent given fixing a leak could cost thousands of dollars down the road.

Redhammer Roof Group also offers extended manufacturer warranties. Again, it’s a small cost to extend your roof’s life by a few years to increase your ROI. Contact Redhammer Roof Group about our commercial roof maintenance program or extended warranties.

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